And to all a good night…

Christmas-2014So here it is, Merry Christmas, lovely people! The last Christmas orders have left the studio, off to their new homes, ready to be opened in a couple of days’ time.

Thank you so, so much to everyone for supporting me and my little biz, whether you placed an order, liked and shared posts, or cheered me on from a safe distance.

I absolutely couldn’t have done it without the super Emma, Clara, Clare and Cathy (trying saying that fast after a swig of egg nog), hopefully they’re having a glass of something chilled to celebrate too.

The hubbie’s made me a white russian (odd Christmas tradition of ours) and I’m going to spend the evening with him, the pooch and a roaring fire!

So, however you’re spending Christmas, I wish you a very happy, fun-filled, smile-inducing time xx

Happiness is… vol. 11

How’s your December going? Only a few weeks of 2014 left and then we’re into a brand new year… So, time is of the essence, here’s what’s been making me happy!

Happiness-is-11:: In the studio we feel Christmassy because we’ve been packing and posting customers’ presents for the last few weeks but I thought I’d make the studio look festive too with some homemade paper decorations
:: Walking the dog in the crisp winter sunshine is a pretty perfect way to spend an hour or so
:: And then cuddling up with the dog to write Christmas cards is pretty fab too!
:: A lovely friend sent us a happy post day with a homemade banner
:: Watching It’s a Wonderful Life while wrapping presents, we watch it every year and I cry every year, it’s too brilliant a movie!

I’d love to know what made you feel happy this week. You can join in with these Happiness is… posts with a blog or facebook post, instagram pic  – don’t forget to send me the link – or leave a comment below!

Stay in the know and get a free set of printable stationery

Happiness is… vol. 10

Christmas is in full swing at the green gables towers! The Christmas tunes are on repeat, tea’s constantly on the go and the stairwell is filled with the sound of mail sacks being dragged down to the postie!

Happiness-is-10As well as all of the above here are five more things that made me happy last week…

:: cracking open a tin of choccies, it is Christmas after all!
:: adding a festive touch to our front door with a simple bunch of holly and thistles
:: celebrating the hubbie’s birthday with a yummy dinner and an extra long dog walk in the sunshine
:: taking a bit of time out to make Christmas decorations for the studio
:: reading Start Something That Matters by TOMS founder Blake Mycoskie, love an inspiring book

I’d love to know what made you feel happy this week. You can join in with these Happiness is… posts with a blog or facebook post, instagram pic  – don’t forget to send me the link – or leave a comment below!

Stay in the know and get a free set of printable stationery

Take 20% off to celebrate Small Business Saturday

Small-Business-Saturday-2014promotionSmall Business Saturday is all about supporting and inspiring small businesses on 6 December and beyond. To thank you for supporting my small business I’m giving you 20% off EVERYTHING at until midnight GMT on Sunday 7 December 2014!

When you shop with a small business you’re having a direct positive impact on the person, family or team who create and run that business, not a faceless corporation.

My name is Gabrielle and I think up and design every item that you’ll see at Each piece of stationery or gift is the result of hours spent trying to create something I think you will love and will enhance you or your loved ones’ lives. I find independent businesses in the UK to work with to print products or supply the packaging, I take all the product photographs, write the descriptions for each item, work out the best way to post your orders to you, and much more.

I have a handful of brilliant people to help me on a part-time basis – Emma and Clara who put your orders together and write your thank you notes, Cathy who keeps my maths straight, and Colin (also my hubbie) who keeps the website and all things techy running smoothly.

So when you place an order at you’re supporting and inspiring me and my little team to keep doing what we do and strive to do better. And when you tell us how happy you are with your items and our service you should see how pink-cheeked and smiley we get!

There’s more. A domino effect.

With your order at the green gables you’re supporting the other small businesses I work with, who are also run by families and teams, not boards and call centres. You’re also doing your bit for the environment because you’ve chosen products made with recycled paper, in compostable, recycled or reusable packaging.

Finally, and really importantly, you’re supporting the wider community and people with challenging lives because I donate 10% of the green gables’ profits to six charities – Brain Tumour UK, NSPCC, ageUK, Water Aid, Woodland Trust and Fresh Start Foundation.

And you thought you were just buying something from my little online shop. You’re doing much more than that, my friend, much more.

So, whether you shop with me or with another small business this weekend, I just want to say, thank you.


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