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It’s so wonderful to see lots of people joining in with #SavouringHappiness! You can tag your photos of happy moments at any time in the week and I post a few of them here and on Instagram on Fridays.

Savouring is a relatively new area of research for positive psychologists but they’re already finding that it plays a big part in how happy we feel. Taking a few seconds to be mindful of the joy in that moment lifts your mood. Try it and see.

So, here’s a wee selection from the past week:

Savouring-happiness-pics-12Feb16@jennygracejewellery  @mishie1967  @sophiejonesdesigns
@sim.plethings  @claireabellemakes
@mosieandfurl  @katielevettallen  @jenny_hyde

If you’re finding it hard to find the happy moments in your day, let me help you. In my e-course, Choosing Happiness, I share my experiences and the strategies, tools and actions that will enable you to feel happier in your life. Take a look here at the course details, it runs for four weeks from Monday 29 February and you can join now. You absolutely deserve to be happy and I want to empower you to make that choice.


Choosing Happiness is open for enrolment!


You can take the power into your own hands to create the happy life you want with my e-course, Choosing Happiness.

Happiness is a choice. It’s a way of living that you create and it is entirely within your own power. It is your choice to be happy.

Positive psychology tried and tested
There are methods, strategies and tools, researched and proven in the field of positive psychology, that increase your happiness and improve your wellbeing. Having soaked up much of this information I’ve tried and tested these ideas myself, and discovered how they can positively impact my own happiness. It’s this knowledge and experience that I want to share with you.

This is why I created my first e-course, Choosing Happiness. I ran it for the first time last Autumn and I was thrilled with the response from those first participants.

“I really enjoyed the Choosing Happiness e-course – it’s full of interesting material and loads of practical suggestions on how to consciously choose happiness. Not only that, but Gabrielle’s enthusiasm and passion for her subject are really inspiring! I look forward to implementing the strategies outlined in the course, and would recommend it to anyone looking for ways to live a happier life.” Liz

Join me in Choosing Happiness
Choosing Happiness is running again this Spring and registration is now open.

Within the course we’ll look at:
:: Gratitude
:: Contributing and Connecting
:: Wellbeing
:: Environment
:: Purpose
:: Play

During the four weeks you’ll receive:
:: Four emails each week including the written material to download and read
:: Four recorded guided meditations
:: A digital copy of my Happiness Manifesto
:: A set of inspiring computer and phone wallpapers

You can read more about the content of the course, plus the added bonus package, on the course page. The e-course begins on Monday 29 February and runs for four weeks until Sunday 27 March 2016. The course fee is £65 or £95 depending on the package you choose but because you signed up to receive this newsletter you can get £10 off until Tuesday 16 February 2016, just use the code livehappy at the checkout.

“I really did enjoy Choosing Happiness, it provided excellent value for money. The course is extremely well written and the research was evident without being distracting or cumbersome. There were a lot of practical suggestions for applying the principles. The PDFs were beautifully presented. I opted for the extended package, I thought the extras were really cool. Choosing Happiness is a very good course and I would recommend it to others.” Melanie

Are you ready to choose happiness? If not now, when?
Happiness isn’t just for people with an easy life (whatever one of those is), it isn’t selfish to be happy and it’s not something you should feel guilty about. Your happiness is important, it starts with you and ripples out to your family, friends, work colleagues and to the world beyond.

Take the power back into your hands and start choosing happiness today.

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#SavouringHappiness no32

Welcome to the first #SavouringHappiness post of 2016! We had a brief break for #SavouringJanuary, if you were able to join in with the first #SavouringJanuary on Instagram thank you very much and I hope you enjoyed it.

So, savouring the special and happy moments, however small, in everyday life continues. If you haven’t joined in before it’s super easy. Simply post a photo on Instagram of something that made you smile and add the tag #SavouringHappiness (and me @thegreengable if you like). Every Friday I post a little collection of the photos posted with the tag but you’re free to post whenever you like, and as many pics as you like.

Here are a few #SavouringHappiness shots from the last week:

Savouring-happiness-pics-5Feb16@ikibana_banana  @cardsandcotton  @hannahberridgeceramics
@hollybobbs  @laurakatherine_x
@lou_weezie1  @melindagold_  @mimosastreet

I can’t wait to see how you’ve been #SavouringHappiness xx

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Be useful and be kind, a philosophy for life


This is the advice President Barack Obama gave his daughters on the topic of their future career path. Obama was in conversation with Bear Grylls on a TV programme when he mentioned that he’s happy for his daughters to follow whichever life path they choose but that he asks them to ‘be useful and be kind’.

It’s that simple. In the space of five words I think Obama’s summed up what we should all aim to do in life.:

• be of some use in the world, contribute to society, be helpful to individuals, join in, make a difference
• be kind to anyone who crosses your path in life whatever their status or relationship to you, and be kind to yourself too

Such a straightforward, uncomplicated message from someone in such a powerful position really struck a chord with me. If everyone made their number one underlying purpose in life to be useful and be kind imagine what kind of world we could create.

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