Thank you for making a difference

This week you and I made a difference in the world. This week I made the green gables’ annual financial donations to my six chosen charities. I decided early on in my business to support charities I feel a connection with. Each year I donate 10% of profits from the green gables to charity. The accountant has finished the maths so I have my final figures for the tax year. The amount this year is shared equally between six organisations – The Brain Tumour Charity, Fresh Start Foundation, NSPCC, ageUK, Woodland Trust and WaterAid. Click on the charity’s name to visit their site and find out more about their work.

But this isn’t about me, it’s about you. Because you did this, you made it possible for me to support these charities. Every piece of stationery you purchase from me, whether it’s on my own website, my store or my etsy shop, every Happy Paper Club box ordered, each sign up to the Choosing Happiness course, contributes to supporting others in need. Without your support of the green gables I can’t support the charities who make such a difference to people’s lives.

So thank you, from myself, from my chosen charities and from the people we’ve helped even though we’ll never meet them. You make a difference.


#SavouringHappiness no20

A new Friday and a new month, welcome October! I’m loving Autumn, it feels like a season that really knows what it’s supposed to do, unlike summer. The sunshine and chill in the air, leaves changing colour and falling to carpet the ground, hedges heavy with berries, even the air smells different, and not just because of smoke wafting from nearby chimneys. Spring became my favourite season a few years ago and I think Autumn is now a close second.

So, how have you been savouring happiness in the past week? I’d love to see the snippets in your week that made you stop, pause for a moment and smile. Share them on Instagram with #savouringhappiness and tag me @thegreengable so I’m sure to see you.

Here are a few from last week:

Savouring-happiness-pics-2Oct15@anniebobsadventures  @michelleg452  @popsyclunk
@karinjoyce  @sablesol
@mavislouise1  @amberbarajas  @rikkelineolsen

In other news, October’s Happy Paper Club boxes are available now, but they won’t be around for long, you can find them here. And my new e-course, Choosing Happiness – Live Happy Your Way, starts this coming Monday! If you’d like to create the happier life you want to live I’d love for you to join me. You can find out all about the four-week course here, check out a sneak peek here, and read the FAQs here.

Have a wonderful weekend, with many #savouringhappiness moments.

September’s Happy Paper Club box revealed


Before the October Happy Paper Club box goes on sale tomorrow, here’s a look at what was inside September’s box!

:: an A5 notebook
:: an A6 note pad
:: a greeting card with envelope
:: a set of four Happy Badges (exclusive to Happy Paper Club)
:: an inspirational quotation mini print
:: a letter from me with some ideas and suggestions for finding joy in the everyday
:: all subscribers receive a membership card with an exclusive discount at in their first box


Every month I collaborate with a different independent, British business and I was thrilled to work with Bespoke Verse for September’s box. They gave Happy Paper Clubbers the fantastic offer of claiming a free poem notebook!

Here’s what a couple of Happy Paper Clubbers had to say about the September box:

“Yay my #happypaperclub delivery from @thegreengable has arrived and I love EVERYTHING in it! #happy” – @happythingsblog

“Been looking forward to this all month. Lovely Happy Paper Club” – @thecrochetden

“My #happypaperclub came and it’s perfect… I absolutely love this box!” – @heidislittleplanner

So, if you’d like to join these jolly cheery people and bag yourself the October box you can join Happy Paper Club from tomorrow morning! You can choose from a one-off taster box, a six-month subscription or take out a rolling subscription that keeps the papery goodness flowing!

And don’t forget, my new e-course, Choosing Happiness – Live Happy Your Way, begins on Monday 5 October. If you’d like to create the happier life you want to live I’d love for you to join me. You can find out all about the four-week course here, check out a sneak peek here, and read the FAQs here.


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Your questions answered on my new e-course Choosing Happiness

Your questions answered

We’re getting close, Choosing Happiness – Live Happy Your Way begins on Monday 5 October! Don’t worry, you still have time to sign up. I’ve had a few people contact me with questions so I thought it would be helpful to write this answers post to help anyone else who’s been wondering if this is the right course for them. So, read on, let me know if you have any more questions, and I’d love for you to join me in Choosing Happiness!

How much time do I need to put aside for the course?
This is a wee bit like the ‘how long is a piece of string?’ question. You could read all the material and do nothing else and it’s unlikely you’ll notice much difference in your life. Taking some time, however much you choose, to try out and implement the different actions and strategies I map out in the course will put your happiness in your control. Some of the actions only require a few minutes of consistent, everyday commitment but can have great impact. There is no deadline, while the course itself lasts four weeks, the process of creating the happy life you want is ongoing and never ends. And any effort you put in is repaid in happiness!

Is this course right for me?
Well, that’s something only you can decide. What I can tell you is that Choosing Happiness – Live Happy Your Way will give you the information, inspiration, tools and actions to bring more happiness into your life. Scientific research and studies have found ways to positively raise happiness levels and it’s these methods and systems that I will share with you during the course. If you’re looking for a quick-fix, do five things and be happy forever list, this is not the course for you. Actually any course that makes such improbable claims should be given a wide berth! Choosing to be happy takes some effort and action, it isn’t something that drops into your lap with no input from yourself.
Happiness is a choice, it’s up to you to decide you want to live a happier life, and take the steps to creating a life with more joy for yourself. By giving you the knowledge, the reasoning behind it and the tools to implement, I will put the power into your own hands to live the happier life you choose.

I’ve got a lot on in October, will I fall behind if I delay reading some of the material by a few days?
Not at all. I’ll send you the material across four emails a week for the four weeks the course runs, and you are free to read, digest and take action whenever you’re ready. You will have the materials to keep forever so you can access them at a time that’s right for you. Ideally you would follow the course as it runs to keep the momentum going but it really isn’t a problem if you need to take a break during the four-week period.

Do I need any equipment to do this course?
Just a computer or mobile device to access the materials, read PDFs (and print them if you choose), and listen to the audio recordings. I provide pages for you to print and use wherever I suggest you take notes or write answers to questions posed. Or you can find yourself a shiny new notebook to use (any excuse for new stationery) for your notes and thoughts.

I’ve never tried meditating before, does that matter?
Not a jot. I explain the benefits of meditating and guide you through a meditation with an audio recording for you to listen to. You don’t need anything special to wear or use to meditate, it’s a lot more straight forward than you might think.

Will the course be available again in the future?
I hope to run the course again in 2016 but if you definitely want to take Choosing Happiness – Live Happy Your Way I would suggest you join now as I’d hate for you to be disappointed if it isn’t available next year. Plus, you can start making changes to your life to increase your happiness sooner rather than later!

How much is the course and what do I get?
There are two options: £65 for the course only or £95 for the course with bonuses which includes a framed Happiness Manifesto print, a daily gratitude journal and a bamboo keyring engraved with the words ‘I’m Choosing Happiness’, posted to you.
The course starts on Monday 5 October 2015 and before it begins you’ll receive a set of uplifting and inspiring desktop and mobile phone wallpapers. From the course starting on Monday I will send you four emails a week with material to read and, sometimes, audio files to listen to. The course is four weeks long and ends on Sunday 1 November 2015.

Here are the course details:
Week 1: Gratitude, Contributing and Connecting
During the first week we’ll look at the myths and misunderstandings around happiness. We’ll investigate how gratitude, as well as contributing to and connecting with others, can raise your base happiness level and build your resilience to life’s challenges.

Week 2: Wellbeing
In the second week we discuss wellbeing, how taking care of yourself inside and out has a positive ripple effect that reaches further than your immediate circle. We’ll look at the basis of meditation, and I’ll guide you through the first recorded meditation to help you create your own practice.

Week 3: Environment
During week three we focus on your environment, its role in your everyday happiness and what you can do to improve both. We’ll look at the science behind mindfulness, exercises you can try straight away, and you’ll receive your second recorded, guided meditation.

Week 4: Purpose and Play
In the final week of the course we look at the topics of purpose and play, how finding meaning in your work and making time for fun are key to your happiness. You’ll receive my Happiness Manifesto to print and pin up, and I’ll share how you can create your own happiness manifesto to inspire your life. You’ll also receive two more recorded, guided meditations – one to give you a mindfulness reality check, the other to help you relax before sleep.

At the end of the course you will receive a full list of my recommendations of books and blogs for further reading, organisations to check out, hashtag challenges, TED talks and more.

I hope that helps answers any questions you may have about Choosing Happiness – Live Happy Your Way. If you have any more do email me and I’ll answer as soon as I can.

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