Don’t feel bad for having a good life


I was talking to a friend the other day and she mentioned that one of her work colleagues is having a really tough time at the moment. My friend was doing everything she could think of to help them but she felt guilty because her own life is happy, mostly trouble-free. She felt bad for having a good life, having fun even, when people so near to her are experiencing great personal trauma.

Her feelings are understandable and, I think, quite common. When you know someone’s having to really battle in their life while you have nothing of real substance to worry about, it’s easy to feel awkward, embarrassed even for having a nice life.

Obviously you don’t regale tales of the fun places you’ve been and the wonderful times you’ve had to your very stressed out friend, but you wouldn’t do that anyway. You ask them how they are (not if they’re okay because you already know they’re not), suggest any practical ways you might be able to help (collect their kids from school, drop round some ready made dinners), let them know that you care and they have your support.

But then not enjoying your own life, ignoring happiness in your own experiences isn’t going to help them one little bit. If you cancel dinner out with your partner at a special restaurant your friend’s load isn’t going to be made any lighter. If you feel guilty for enjoying a sunny day at the beach your friend’s situation isn’t going to be altered in any way. All you’ve done is zap the joy out of your own life, and possibly those immediately around you, to no-one’s benefit.


Instead, savour the good things in your life. Be thankful, be aware, notice and cherish the delicious meal you’re sharing with your beloved in the charming restaurant. Feel the sand between your toes, kick about in the waves feeling the water splash against your skin and the warmth of the sun on your face, and rejoice in your day at the beach.

These happy moments are the stuff of life. They give us joy, they give us strength and being mindful of them is good for our souls as well as our happiness levels.

And if your own life should take a sharp turn one day (everyone’s lives are filled with twists and turns after all) you’ll have many happy memories from better times to draw solace and joy from.

So use the energy and strength you gain from your life to be supportive to friends whose lives are turned upside down. And don’t feel guilty as that’s helping no-one.

#SavouringHappiness #10

How is your week going? Hopefully there have been some cheery moments for you to stop and notice. Thank you to everyone who’s joined in with #savouringhappiness so far, and if you’d like to join in it’s super easy! Simply post a pic on Instagram of something that made you feel happy this week, with #savouringhappiness and tag @hollyphotobooth and @thegreengable too.

Here are a few of the pics posted last week…

Savouring-happiness-pics-24Jul15@jannelford  @georgialydia  @alyssaaldersley
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Looking forward to seeing how you’re #savouringhappiness this week!

The next chapter begins in Wales

It’s been a little while, hasn’t it? I’ve been somewhat tied up with the small matter of moving home, business, hubbie and pup from Surrey to south Wales! But now I’ve made time to tell you a little about our new life and share a few pics.

A few people have asked why we’ve moved to Wales. Well, put simply, it’s a dream come true. For years the hubbie and I would say to each other that one day, when we didn’t have to commute to an office, when we could live anywhere we choose, we would move to Wales. At the start of this year we realised that one day could be now! Both the hubbie and I are self-employed, we can do our work pretty much anywhere so what were we waiting for? Fast forward a few months and here we are, in a house we can live, work and have family and friends to stay in, in a village that has such welcoming and friendly people, surrounded by the most beautiful countryside. To say I feel thankful is an understatement.

So, let me show you a little of where we are!


This is the view from the back of our new house in the Brecon Beacons, I snapped it on the day we moved in, in glorious sunshine! We’ve discovered the legendary Welsh rain since then but there have been days of gorgeous sun for us to sit out and enjoy the view. This is also the view from my studio window, and my hubbie has the same sight, from his office a floor above me. There are sheep and cattle dotted about the hill, and swallows and red kites fly over head. Even when it’s chucking it down I can still sit and stare at this view without getting tired of it.


Having had my studio in the garden of my old house, then in a rented room in a nearby building, the green gables is now housed in a room in my house. I love working from home! Admittedly it’s only been a week but my commute consists of a flight of stairs and I can shut the door when I need to switch off. Perfect.


In the space of one week I not only moved to Wales but also celebrated a big birthday and our tenth wedding anniversary! I absolutely love the birthday card my hubbie made for me featuring 40 pictures of our pup, Georgie!

River-paddle Blanket-box-coffee-table

As well as unpacking boxes and figuring out what goes where in our new home, we’ve also been exploring our new area. The nearby river is perfect for walking Georgie (she loves a morning paddle), and in the next village there’s an antiques/vintage shop that’s a treasure trove! We’ve already picked up a blanket box to use as a coffee table and I think we’ll be furnishing our home with more finds from there.

BTW the flowers are from and are part of my birthday present from my husband. I’m going to receive a delivery of flowers every month for a year! How heavenly. Bunches sound very much like my kind of business – their tagline is ‘we create happiness’ and they donate 10% of profits to projects in the UK and the developing world, like I do! If you’re looking for a flower delivery or subscription do check them out.

There’s a lot more to discover about our new home, as well as heaps of work to do on the house, and as for the garden, yikes! It’s a completely blank canvas of dandelion-riddled grass and a paved patio so a lot of planning is needed. Think I’ll be spending some quality time on Pinterest!

I post pics on instagram of our new home and area as well as pretty pics of tea, flowers and the odd snap of the green gables’ stationery too, so do find me at @thegreengable (no ‘s’ on the end) if you’d like to see more.

#SavouringHappiness no9

We’re into the third month of #savouringhappiness, doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun?! Thank you to everyone who’s joined in so far, and if you’d like to join in it’s super easy! Simply post a pic on Instagram of something that made you feel happy this week, with #savouringhappiness and tag @hollyphotobooth and @thegreengable too.

Here are a few of the pics posted last week…


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@kirstyneale  @peachblossomuk
@alyssaaldersley  @agraylife  @printablejoydesigns

Looking forward to seeing how you’re #savouringhappiness this week!

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