Happiness is… vol. 14

How are we nearly at the end of January 2015 already? Five minutes ago it was Christmas and a couple of hours before that it was summer. Wasn’t it? So, as time marches on I’m quite glad I’m in the habit of taking a few minutes to note down the good stuff of the last week…

Happiness-is-14:: celebrating numbers queen Cathy’s birthday in the studio with flowers for her and cream cakes for all of us, yum…
:: Georgie managed to raise her cuteness level even higher by making herself a blanket den
:: the hubbie, pooch and I took ourselves off to the coast for the weekend, we could have gazed at this view for hours, but it was a wee bit nippy!
:: I’ve started a new book, ‘Creativity, Inc.’ by Ed Catmull, I gave it to the hubbie for his birthday, he loved it and thinks I’ll love it even more…
:: a new product idea popped into my head unexpectedly, love it when that happens!

What were your happy moments last week? The little moments and the big moments that made you feel pretty darn smiley. I’d love you to share them so feel free to leave a comment below, or link me up on twitter, instagram or facebook.

Until next time, friends!

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Everything that is not given is lost

Karen Salmansohn bottle posterThe line ‘Everything that is not given is lost’, it makes you think, doesn’t it? I saw this quote on Karen Salmansohn’s Facebook page with a link to her blog post. She created the piece of art shown above after finding a book clipping she had previously sent to her dad, you can read her full post here.

These words stuck with me and I’ve been mulling them over while getting on with work this morning.

If you don’t speak up those words are never heard. Whether it’s to say thank you, give positive feedback, tell someone you love them, or plenty of other examples, if you don’t give those words they’re lost, the recipient never receives them.

Likewise, if you don’t act on an idea you’ve had, if you don’t try something new, if you don’t share whatever you have to give with your family, friends, work, the world in general, it’s lost. That potential, that benefit to society won’t see the light of day and the planet will be the poorer for it.

What is there that you haven’t given yet? Is there something you really want to do or say, that you’ve kept inside?

Perhaps it’s because my chosen word for 2015 is ‘share’ that this line has wedged itself into my brain. But it certainly makes you think, doesn’t it?

Happiness is… vol. 13

Welcome to Monday! How was last week? Mine had its trying moments but it also had some pretty good moments too…

Happiness-is-13:: I thought it was time to change the message banner in the studio and Emma suggested we use words from a customer’s feedback, so we did!
:: the sun was looking especially pretty over the building my studio lives in so I snapped a pic on the walk in
:: I spent a satisfying hour photographing new notebooks that just arrived in the studio
:: we spent Saturday evening laughing with a lovely bunch of friends
:: and I spent more than two hours on Sunday afternoon gassing on the phone to a wonderful pal of mine! You know they’re a good mate when you can talk for hours without realising it

So what was the good in your week? I’d love you to share what’s made you happy this week with a comment below, or a blog post or on instagram, twitter or facebook – just be sure to link me up!