Would you like a Happy Post Day?

Of course you would! Who wouldn’t want something lovely landing on their doormat instead of junk mail and bills? That’s what I’m here for folks! I’m giving someone a Happy Post Day by sending them a bundle of the green gables’ stationery, purely for the joy of it!

Letterbox-karma-sample-stationery-19Included in the wee package will be a 50m roll of our brand new Happy Post Day eco-friendly paper tape (the rest is a surprise). You can send a whole lorryload of happy post with 50m of tape! And what handy timing for Christmas…

For your chance to win simply comment below or on the facebook post. If you share this giveaway let me know how so I can add it as another entry. I’ll pick a winner after 8pm GMT tonight. Lots of luck, here’s hoping a Happy Post Day is on its way to you!

Happiness is… vol. 7

How was your week? Good stuff mixed with not so great stuff? No-one’s week is perfect, some weeks are better than others but every week, every day, will have positive moments in there somewhere. And the more you look for them, the more you find!Happiness-is-7So, last week I found happiness in…
:: a rare sunshiney walk to work
:: getting cosy with the pooch in front of the fire
:: celebrating Kindness Day, loved the reaction to my free printable postcards
:: spending time with my family celebrating little people getting a year older
:: designing new things for a big new thing for next year, wish I could say more!

What’s made you feel happy this week? I’d love to know so do please join in with a blog or facebook post, instagram pic  – don’t forget to send me the link – or leave a comment below!

Stay in the know and get a free set of printable stationery

Kindness Day postcards for you

Today is World Kindness Day and Kindness Day UK, so I think it’s clear it’s a day to celebrate being kind! I say celebrate because ideally we’d all like to act kindly every day, not just on 13 November. I like specific days like this because it gives us a nudge to make that extra effort to spread a little joy in the world.

Kindness-Day-2014-printable-postcardsSo, in the name of doing nice things, I’ve created a little set of four postcards for you to download and print! They feature the cheery message ‘you are a jolly splendid person’ so you can write a message on the back and send one to a friend. Or pop it into a loved one’s pocket for them to find. Or leave one behind in a shop or a restaurant where you’ve received super duper service. Or show yourself some kindness and prop up a postcard for you to see and remind yourself that you are, indeed, a jolly splendid person. The postcards are free for you to print as many times are you like!

Download Kindness Day postcards*

Download the pdf from the link above, print on (recycled if possible) white card, cut along the dotted lines and you’re good to go! I’d love to see how you use the postcards to spread a little joy so do link me up with a comment on this post, or you can share on Facebook, twitter or instagram.

*As with all my free printables they are for personal use only, not commercial use, and do please feel free to share this blog post with others.

PS If you’d like help with ideas for how you can carry out random acts of kindness take a look here.