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September’s Happy Paper Club is now open to join! Order a taster box or take out a monthly or six-month subscription and enjoy happy post popping through your letterbox every month.

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I collaborate with a different, brilliant, independent, British business for each month’s box. For August I was thrilled to work with The Cutlery Commission who gave Happy Paper Club members the treat of half price personalised stamped tablespoons!

To find out who I’ve worked with for September’s box you’ll have to order one… and once they’re gone that’s it until 1 October!


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What do you do with a plot twist?


“It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you react to it that matters,” so said Greek philosopher Epictetus. He has a point. While I like the idea of going out and happening to life, rather than waiting for it to happen to us, there are times when incidents and situations pop up that are not of our creation.

For instance, the bus to work could break down which means you’ll be late for work. You had zero input into the bus’s engine failure, and can do nothing to fix it (unless you’re a mechanic, perhaps), but you are  in control of how you react to this situation.

You can sigh and sink into a bad mood, worrying that your boss will be cross with you. Or, you can choose to think about what positive action you can take. You can look at the bus timetable to see when the next one is due. You can see if any of the other stranded passengers are going your way and want to share a taxi. You can call your boss, and anyone else affected by your lateness, explain what’s happened and what you’re doing to get to work as soon as you can.

Going through the options available to you, making a plan, and informing anyone else affected means you’re taking control of your reaction to a situation you find yourself in. You can just as easily react by getting worried about being late for work, feeling angry towards the bus driver and company, and glaring at your fellow stranded passengers..

With either reaction you may still have to wait for the next bus to come along. With reaction one you’ve gone for a positive approach, taking control of what you can and letting go of what you can’t. But with reaction two, your negative, passive reaction just puts you in a foul mood with tense muscles and a stress headache.


And this doesn’t just apply to buses to work. However much we might like to feel in control of our lives there are great chunks of it that are outside our grip. Whether it’s small, everyday incidents or great, big, life-changing curveballs, we choose how to react to them.

As Michael J Fox puts it: “I have no choice about whether or not I have Parkinson’s. I have nothing but choices about how I react to it. In those choices, there’s freedom to do a lot of things in areas that I wouldn’t have otherwise found myself in.”

So the next time life takes a sharp turn you didn’t expect, stop and think for a moment how you will choose to react to this new plot twist. Will you shake your fist at the world for being unfair and declare there’s nothing you can do? Or will you look for what steps you can take to deal with the situation in a positive light and move forward?

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#SavouringHappiness no15

How has your week been? Have their been moments where you’ve thought to yourself, ‘yes, this right now is good’? I do hope so. And if you captured them on your phone and can share them on instagram with #savouringhappiness, even better!

Here are a few pics from last week’s #savouringhappiness postings:

Savouring-happiness-pics-28Aug15@ruthlgarner  @freckledfennell  @anniebobsadventures
@claireholgate  @xxbirdhouse
@camillaelms  @laurakatherine_x  @irusai9

I’d love you to join in this week, don’t forget to tag @thegreengable and @hollyphotobooth too.

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Kindness matters

There are some people in the world who have such a capacity for kindness and generosity it quite astounds me. Once such person is John Sweeney. He’s the man behind the social movement Suspended Coffees, which I’ve written about before, here. The idea is simple – when you’re in a cafe buying a cup of tea or coffee, pay for another one which is kept by the cafe owner to give to someone who looks like they could do with a break and an act of kindness.

John describes himself as a Kindness Coach and Social Entrepreneur. I say he’s one of life’s really good guys. He’s not had an easy life but he is driven to make the world a better place, spreading kindness and encouraging others to do the same. The ripple effect of an act of kindness goes further than you think, as he describes in his TEDx talk. This is really, really worth watching so I urge you to pour a cuppa and take 15 mins of your time to watch and listen. You’ll be glad you did.

You can find out more about John and his work on his website and follow him on twitter and Facebook. And you can check out Suspended Coffees on the website and on Facebook.

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Choosing Happiness – a new e-course

I am thrilled to introduce to you my first e-course:


If you’d like to bring more happiness into your everyday, and build resilience to deal with life’s twists and turns, this is the course for you.

Choosing Happiness – Live Happy Your Way is a four-week long course, starting Monday 5 October 2015. During that time I will show you the science behind happiness, and share strategies, methods and actions for you to build your own happiness habits.

We’ll focus on the key areas of Gratitude, Contributing and Connecting, Wellbeing, Environment, Purpose and Play.

By giving you the knowledge, the reasoning behind it, and the tools to implement, I will put the power into your own hands to live the happier life you choose.

You can read all about the course, what it covers, and take advantage of the Early Bird prices, on the Choosing Happiness course page now.

I would love for you to join me and choose happiness, your way.

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