Happy Paper Club is open for you to join!


The May Happy Paper Club boxes are now available to order! If you didn’t win my giveaway yesterday you can try Happy Paper Club for yourself with a taster box, or go straight for a rolling monthly or six-month subscription!

Here’s what a few people had to say about the April Happy Paper Club box:
“Super selection of goodies in my #HappyPaperClub box; such a lovely idea.” - @missfeebs
“Super excited to come home to happy post tonight… my first #happypaperclub from @thegreengable… love it, especially the meal planner!” – @daphnerosaflowers
“If what you crave is a box of paper-related joy through your door every month this is a great find and offers excellent value for money.” - Nicki Cawood
“Everything was packaged in a really pretty way and I feel the paper/card used is very good quality. All in all I’m happy to be a member of the Happy Paper Club!” - Elle

This is the contents of the April box, you can find out more in the reveal post:

HPC-April-box-5 HPC-April-box-8 HPC-April-box-10 HPC-April-box-12 HPC-April-box-15

Everything you need to know about what your Happy Paper Club box could include and how it works is on the Happy Paper Club page. Once the May boxes are sold out the next boxes will be available on 1 June. I look forward to welcoming you to Happy Paper Club!

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The Happy Paper Club winners are…

Thank you so much to the incredible 313 people who entered my competition to celebrate National Stationery Week! I’m absolutely thrilled that so many of you would like to win a six-month subscription to Happy Paper Club.

So, I won’t keep you in suspense any longer, the three winners chosen at random (as usual the hubbie was told to think of three numbers) are:
:: Kelly Glen
:: Emma Wright
:: Alison Johnson
Congratulations! If you aren’t one of the lucky winners don’t worry, Happy Paper Club will be open for you to order and subscribe to tomorrow, Friday 1 May, morning!

Thank you again, see you in the Club tomorrow!


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Pay it Forward Day

Today is Pay it Forward Day. Never heard of it? Well, the organisers say that there are more than three million people in 70 countries joining in to do a little good and spread a lot of cheer in the world.

Paying it forward is really simple, if a stranger does you a good turn it improves your mood and you’re more likely to make a kind gesture to another stranger – you pay it forward. You don’t need to wait for someone to do something nice for you, though, you can start off the ripple effect by doing another person a good turn.


Here are 10 ways you can Pay it Forward today and every day:
:: Let a car out in front of you in traffic
:: Pay for the coffee of the person behind you in the cafe queue
:: Or buy a Suspended Coffee
:: Let someone with fewer items go ahead of you in the supermarket queue
:: Donate a box of tinned goods to a food bank
:: Put a piece of furniture you no longer need on Freecycle or donate it to a charity like the British Heart Foundation
:: Share your umbrella with someone who’s getting wet in the rain
:: Give out flowers to strangers on the street
:: Leave a bigger than usual tip for good service, with a note about paying it forward
:: Help someone laden down with bags to their car/up the stairs

So, have a fun Pay it Forward Day and spread the positivity!

PS Don’t forget the giveaway to win one of 3 six-month Happy Paper Club subscriptions, before they go on sale tomorrow morning, closes tonight at 7pm GMT!

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Win membership to Happy Paper Club!


To celebrate National Stationery Week we’re giving away 3 six month subscriptions to Happy Paper Club!

Each of the three winners will become members of Happy Paper Club and receive boxes of papery goodness through the post every month for six months.

Enter here before 7pm GMT on Thursday 30 April 2015 for your chance to win. The winners will be chosen at random and announced at 8pm on the same night, here on this blog.

If you win and you’re a Happy Paper Club subscriber already, you will receive a £60 voucher to spend at thegreengables.co.uk.

And if you miss out, don’t worry because Happy Paper Club May boxes go on sale Friday 1 May!

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Where’s the happiest place on Earth?


Switzerland! The third World Happiness Report was published yesterday and Switzerland ranked top of the country list for happiness. You can see the top ten with the US and UK in this graphic (from The Guardian):


Iceland came in second with Denmark down to third place. The UK have moved up one place to 21st and the US sits in 15th out of the 158 countries included. The five least happy countries are Togo, Burundi, Syria, Benin and Rwanda.

Around 2,000 people were asked questions on different areas of their lives, such as social support and freedom to make life choices. They were asked to rank their answers on a scale of 1-10 with the best possible life at 10. The data from these answers, as well as information like healthy life expectancy and GDP per capita, was then used to rank the countries.

Assessing a country’s population by how happy they feel is a relatively new idea still, but one that is being taken more seriously as time goes on.

The report found that in western Europe women are slightly happier with their lives than men until about 50 years old when they swap, and men feel happier. Women also smile and laugh more, particularly in the teenage years! One of the chapters of the report concentrates on children, under-18s now make up one third of the world’s population. The report shows that investing in children’s wellbeing is essential for future world happiness.

Looking at the neuroscience of happiness the report concluded that “Well-being has been found to be elevated when individuals are better able to sustain positive emotion; recover more quickly from negative experiences; engage in empathic and altruistic acts; and express high levels of mindfulness.”

There’s so much information in the World Happiness Report, hopefully world leaders will take it all on board. Do take a look here if you want to read more.

The World Happiness Report is published by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN).  It is edited by Professor John F. Helliwell, of the University of British Columbia and the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research; Lord Richard Layard, Director of the Well-Being Programme at LSE’s Centre for Economic Performance; and Professor Jeffrey D. Sachs, Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, Director of the SDSN, and Special Advisor to UN Secretary General Ban ki-Moon.

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