Join Happy Paper Club for July now!

The July Happy Paper Club boxes are now available to order or subscribe to and they’re already being snapped up!


One happy person described the June box as ‘my favourite box yet’. Now don’t you want to join the happy living and stationery Club and discover this happiness for yourself?

From only £10 a month including UK delivery the July Happy Paper Club is available now! But there’s only a limited number so don’t delay and miss out. You can read all about becoming part of the Club, and order, on the Happy Paper Club page.

And if you’d like to see what was in the June box check out the big reveal post here.

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Inside June’s Happy Paper Club box

Can you believe we’re already onto the fourth Happy Paper Club box? Where is the time going? From only £10 a month including UK delivery July’s box is available to buy or subscribe to on Wednesday 1 July. So, let me crack on and show you what was inside June’s box…



Inside the June box was:

:: set of 8 watercolour postcards with envelopes
:: A5 notebook
:: A6 to do list note pad
:: A Self-Reward scratch-off card, exclusive to the June box
:: an inspirational quote card
:: a letter from me!


The postcards, notebook and note pad are all available at, just in case you missed out on the box, or if you want even more! You can see the goodies in previous boxes here.

Don’t forget, you could win the cost of your box back if you post pics of your box contents, or what you do with them, on Twitter and Instagram with #happypaperclub before 1 July. You can find me at @thegreengable on Twitter and Instagram.

The July Happy Paper Club box is available on the morning of Wednesday 1 July, it’s an absolute cracker so don’t miss your opportunity to order a box or subscribe! Sign up to the newsletter below to be the first to know when the box is available. Once they’re gone, they’re gone until the following month!

Stay in the know and get a free set of printable stationery

50% off in our Moving to Wales Sale!


Yes, the green gables is on the move – swapping the Surrey hills for the even bigger Welsh hills (and mountains) of the Brecon Beacons.

The result of a BIG clear-out means you can get all end of line products at half price! Plus, if you order ten items (they don’t have to be in the sale) at the green gables a free gift wrap set will be included with your order too. I won’t be producing any more of these items so nab them now or forever hold your peace!


#SavouringHappiness no8

How have you been #savouringhappiness this week? Hopefully there have been opportunities-a-plenty!

Here are just a few of the photos posted by lovely folk joining in Holly Booth‘s and my photo challenge on Instagram with #savouringhappiness:

Savouring-happiness-pics-26Jun15@finestimaginary  @mattkatzenson  @lifes_a_sneeze
@tothe_moon_andback  @jenny_hyde
@mabelandbird  @dawnmead

It’s so easy to join in, simply post a pic on Instagram of something that made you feel happy this week, with #savouringhappiness and tag @hollyphotobooth and @thegreengable too. Looking forward to seeing how you’re #savouringhappiness!

Happiness doesn’t mean always being happy


There’s a lot of talk about positivity and happiness at the moment, which I think is a great thing. It’s about time we valued people’s happiness and discussed its importance for the individual, the community, the wider world. World leaders are recognising that measuring their population’s Gross National Happiness is as important as the GDP.

People who consider themselves to be happier are often healthier as they exercise more and make better diet choices, and so can live longer, they are more productive at work which benefits the economy and they’re altruistic which benefits their local and wider community. Plus, happy people don’t usually commit crime, so there’s a reason to encourage happiness, if nothing else!

But happiness is not about being happy all the time. Life can be difficult, upsetting and painful, and to deny any of this would be wrong. Without feeling pain how can you know pleasure, without stress how can you appreciate calm? Happiness is about feeling all the emotions, fully experiencing life and finding ways to move forward positively.

Finding happiness in your life doesn’t mean you’re walking around with a great beam on your face and whistling a happy tune constantly. There are those moments but there are also the feelings of having meaning in your life, purpose, accomplishment, making a difference. Completing a task at work, getting your child to school on time or letting someone in front of you in the supermarket queue isn’t going to have you jumping for joy but it contributes to your happiness.

Life is never straight forward, there are wonderful moments and heart-breaking moments. It’s finding ways to build your resilience, to cope with the difficult and stressful times so you can move forward with positivity. You can’t always choose what life throws at you but you can control how you react to and deal with it.

Everyone can find, and recognise, happiness in their days, in small, fleeting moments, big, momentous occasions and in everyday, ordinary actions, and that includes you.

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