So, what do you think?

Hello lovely blog readers, I’ve been thinking.


I write on a wide variety of topics on this here blog: from vintage and charity shop finds to growing veg to my no new clothes challenge to photo mosaics to sewing pieces for my little handmade business, and the list goes on! Plus, on the odd occasion, I create mini tutorials and pretty little things to download and print.


1. Anne of Green Gables quote print, 2. How to make a drinks coaster, 3. Challenge charity dress, 4. Clean Georgie, 5. Sneaky peek, 6. Vintage threads&wool 2, 7. Heart paper bunting, 8. Ribbon corsage, 9. Blossom close-up

So, this leads me to ask:

What would you like me to write about?

Are there topics I cover too much or too little? Would you like more of one but less of the other?

I’d love to know what you’d like to read more about so please do leave a comment and let me know!

The kettle’s boiling and I’ve a plate of biscuits to hand…

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3 thoughts on “So, what do you think?

  1. Kirsty

    What would I like more of? The biscuits, dammit!
    Being unusually serious, tho’, I think you manage a pretty perfect mix of subjects and, as a very regular reader, it keeps things really fresh. I love seeing sneak-peeks of your work (partly because it means we all get to live vicariously in your pretty studio for a few minutes), your fabric projects are always gorgeous and I like your vintage finds, too.
    I’d quite like to know a bit more about your process when you’re picking photos for mosaics – how far and wide you search (the images you choose are always lovely), and it might also be fun to have us (i.e. your readers) vote between a couple of options for your next quote-print project. ‘Which one goes through to the NOTHS round? You decide.’
    Those are only extra things, though – I’m not sure I’d want anything much to *change* round here. The mix of subjects and types of post is what makes your blog so good. More of the same, please!

  2. carrie

    Never change, ever! – just be you and let us wander in to your fab arty mind and stay a while with each post.
    Can I have a chocolate biscuit? Oh and peppermint tea, I can bring my own if you just supply the hot water ;)

  3. the green gal

    Thanks my lovely commenters! From what you’ve said, and from the lack of further comments, I’m taking it that as I should pretty much carry on as I have been. In fact, in a different conversation, another one of my readers said she didn’t comment because she likes what I’m doing already and doesn’t think I should change!
    So, expect more of the same wafflings… x

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