Palette pingpong no21

It’s my turn to be the palette pingpongee! Kirsty has challenged me with a lovely little sweet image you can see on ginger and george, and I love that the colour palette created from it is not the usual pinks and reds associated with love and Valentine’s Day.

Hearts colour palette

But, because Valentine’s Day is fast approaching (Monday in case you have managed not to know) and I thought I’d be helpful. For anyone who hasn’t bought a card yet, panic not. Simply download and print out this one!

  Valentine printable card

Oh I’m all about the printable love at the moment! In case you missed it I created a quote print for Indie Fixx’s Lovely Print-It-Yourself Booklet which is a supplement to Joie online magazine, read more about it here.

Back to this printable card, it’s A5 size unfolded so if you have a lot of love to share you could print out two on one sheet of recycled A4 white card. When folded it’s A6 size and I couldn’t resist rounding off the corners, I’m a sucker for round corners on cards. Plus, because it’s not super soppy Valentine’s-looking, you can give this card any day, all year round.

  The green gal hearts card
Download hearts card

As always with my free printables, if you want to tell other people about them please link to the post, not just the download, and all my free downloads are for personal, not commercial, use.

Enjoy sharing the love!

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5 thoughts on “Palette pingpong no21

  1. Dee

    This is a great card! Love the colors you used. I had to pin it CraftBliss Valentine Freebie Bliss Board on Pinterest and link back to you. ~Dee

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