Love is in the air

So, busy bee that I am, I have a few more new lovelies to share with you! 

First up is my new personalised wedding bunting…

  Personalised wedding bunting 2 small

Personalised wedding bunting small 
find it here

I designed this with weddings in mind but it would also work very well for anniversaries, christenings and birthdays. You simply tell me the names of the important people, the significant date and venue and I create your personalised white heart paper bunting! (For the beady-eyed of you, I used my own wedding day as the example!)

Romantic quotation bunting 1 small

Romantic quotation 2 small

find it here

For the romantics at heart I have designed another set of white heart paper bunting but this time the copy is this wonderful quote: The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return. The framed print featuring this quote has proved most popular, it's such a gorgeous quote I had to use it again!

Wildflower paper gift tags ribbon small
find it here

And last but not least, heart-shaped gift tags made from wildflower seeded paper. These gift tags can be written on, given with a gift and then planted to grow wildflowers, just like the wildflower paper heart bunting.

So, I hope you like my new creations, as usual you can find them at my shop, the green gables. I've been so touched by the reaction to my new star paper bunting here and on twitter and facebook so thank you v much!

AND until the end of April you can get 20% off at the green gables with the code FBWL20!

There's still the giveaway to come tomorrow…

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