Palette pingpong no29

I hope you’re all very well out there in cyber space. Make a cup of tea, get comfy and have a read of today’s palette pingpong post.

So, you can find the photo that Kirsty challenged me with over at her blog, ginger and george, and here is the palette I took from it:

PPP printable bestest card palette

It looks quite pretty as it is but I decided to make a couple of cards for you to download and print instead. I took the You’re a Star card I made a while ago (because it was a bit of a hit with you all) and reworked it with this colour palette. There is a bluesy card and a reddish card:

Bestest cards

The green gal bestest card blues
The green gal bestest card reds

Because I’m a girl who doesn’t like waste the two cards fit on one sheet of A4. Simply download the pdf from the link below, print it out on recycled card and cut along the dotted line. When folded each card is A6 size. Not surprisingly I chose to round off the corners because I like rounded corners!

  The green gal bestest card

Download bestest card

I’ve kept the message simple so that you can use the card for all kinds of occasions, perhaps for Father’s Day on 19 June? If you don’t want to bother with an envelope you can cut the cards in half so just the front remains and write your message and the recipient’s address on the back.

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway here, and when you receive the green gables newsletter you’ll also get 20% off your order at the green gables when you buy a framed print, perfect for Father’s Day! And you even get top tips on how to help bees and butterflies into your garden :)

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2 thoughts on “Palette pingpong no29

  1. Kirsty

    Great colour scheme, ma’am, and I love the reworked cards, too (especially the blue and green one). Thank you very kindly for such prettiness.

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