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Happy Friday to you all! Hope you've all had a splendid week, despite the weather doing a very convincing impression of October rather than the actual month it is. (If you're reading this in a warm, sunny, far flung place do enjoy the sunshine on the Brits' behalf, won't you?)

I thought I'd end the week by sharing with you a few more interesting things I've found out there in interweb land:

The clever folk behind the wonder shop Pedlars, Charlie and Caroline, also write a blog, and are the most prolific posters! It would be almost impossible to keep up with the constant flow of posts if it wasn't for them being short and sweet.

And through Charlie and Caroline's blog I discovered Not Another Bill, a brilliant idea…

Instagram photos seem to divide people like marmite – you love them or you hate them. For the instagram lovers here are a couple ideas of what to do with your wealth of instagram snaps, courtesy of A Beautiful Mess' Elsie.

If you have an interest in surface pattern, or just like looking at beautiful designs, do take a look at Print and Pattern, you'll be hooked!

Papercuts seem to have become de rigueur and I have a twitter friend who is v talented at carving a piece of paper into a message made especially for you, and all by hand too. You can find her at Kyleigh's Papercuts.

Hope you enjoy that little lot and don't forget my sale at the green gables is still on…

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