Free printable Christmas wish lists

There’s no denying it. It’s on its way and it can’t be stopped. Two months today is Christmas Day. Now, before you scream and run off, I’ve made you something to help you cope with the impending festivities – Christmas wish lists to download and print for free.


The two different blank lists are A5 size so both fit on one sheet of paper for ease of printing. One list is for you to fill in and leave in an obvious place as an unsubtle hint, the other can be used to jot down ideas for the gorgeous gifts you’ll give to your loved ones, whether they be bought or made.


It doesn’t matter how long your lists need to be, you can print out as many sheets as you like (on recycled paper if possible, and don’t forget to recycle your lists post-Christmas excitement).

The green gal Christmas lists

Download Christmas wish lists pdf

To download and print the lists simply click on the link above and away you go. You can print as many sheets as you like but as always with my free printables, if you want to tell other people about them please link to the post, not just the download, and all my free downloads are for personal, not commercial, use.

Happy list-writing!


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3 thoughts on “Free printable Christmas wish lists

  1. Calico Kate

    Oh goodness is it that close? How can that beeee? *wails*!
    Love the lists idea. Had better put my mind to things I guess. Well maybe after this weekends craft fair must get on with some more knitting first…… Well if things don’t sell that’s a lot of people sorted ;)

  2. Kirsty

    Thank you, talented gal. These are gorgeous! Although I reserve the right to bury my head in the festive sand for at least another month, if not two.
    Wake me up when the January sales are over, will you?

  3. Crystal

    I absolutely love this! Been looking for something like this that I liked well enough to use and now here it is. Thanks for sharing this.

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