First attempt at a green smoothie


Having read about the Green Smoothie Challenge on one of my favourite blogs, A Beautiful Mess, I thought I'd have a go at making one myself. So, using no smoothie recipe or knowledge whatsoever, I chucked two handfuls of strawberries (already in season in the UK, yay!), a Cox apple (also grown in the UK), a banana (not British but Fairtrade at least), a big handful of watercress leaves (grown in the next village) and a generous slosh of orange juice (from a carton, sorry) into the blender. These quantities made four glasses.

The result isn't a pretty colour but it's very tasty indeed! I think I might have used too many different fruits as they're all fighting for attention in the glass, and I'm amazed that you can actually taste each fruit but NOT the watercress, phew. Next time I might change the apple for some other berries and add water to thin out the consistency a little. More berries might improve the colour too. And I fancy trying a smoothie with milk rather than juice for the liquid… hmm… Any smoothie recipe suggestions gladly welcome!

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