Palette pingpong no45 + printable poster

It’s been such a grey and gloomy couple of weeks so I was very pleased to see the image Kirsty has challenged me with for today’s palette pingpong. You can see the cheerful image over on Kirsty’s blog, ginger and george, and here is the colour palette I took from it:


Pretty bright, eh? It put me in such an upbeat mood that I decided to create a free printable poster using these colours and a fantastic quote I recently stumbled upon:


I would have taken a photo of the poster hung up in my studio but the light is so dire with the non-stop rain that there was no hope of getting a decent image. But anyway, isn’t this a great quote?! I love the idea of deciding, and stating to the world, that you’re not going to bumble through life with faded colours and muted sounds, not making the most of the time you have and failing to pursue your dreams. Instead, you’re going to spend your time on this planet living life in full technicolour, chasing those dreams, never giving up, finding joy in the little stuff and living out LOUD!

To download the poster just click on the link below and print on a sheet of (recycled if possible) paper or card. The poster is a little shorter than A4 or US legal letter so trim the excess off and you’re good to go!

Download the poster

As always with my free printables, feel free to tell other people about them but please do link to the post, not just the download, and all my free downloads are for personal, not commercial, use.

Enjoy and go live out loud!

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4 thoughts on “Palette pingpong no45 + printable poster

  1. Gabrielle

    Glad you like it, Kellie. And that book looks fab, Kirsty, have added it to my ever-growing amazon wish list :)

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