Inspirational poster, Mo Farah-style

So the Olympics are over. But the Paralympics are yet to come! Following an awesome fortnight where the world saw the greatest athletes excel and inspire I’m feeling a little bit inspired myself. One of my highlights (there were a lot) was seeing Mo Farah win the 5,000km and listening to him interviewed afterwards. A recurring theme of the Olympics was how many athletes put their success down to sheer hard work and a determination to do their absolute best. So when Mo Farah uttered the words “Anything is possible, it’s just hard work and grafting” it struck a chord with me and a new printable poster was created!


These words are just so true. Money, status and connections can play a part but what will really get you where you want to be in life is a belief in yourself and working tirelessly to achieve your goals. You can do whatever you want with your life, you just have to want it enough to work and strive and never, ever give up until you get there. No-one says it will be easy but anything is possible.

You can have your own copy of this poster by clicking on the link below and saving the pdf. Print it out on recycled paper, pin it up and go after your goals!

Download anything is possible poster

As always with my free printables, feel free to tell other people about them but please do link to the post, not just the download, and all my free downloads are for personal, not commercial, use.

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