My trip to Copenhagen

Last week the hubbie and I spent three days in Copenhagen, Denmark, and what a fabulous place it is! I’ve visited once before, and did some of the tourist spots then, so this time I wanted to just wander around soaking up the atmosphere, people-watch and of course be wowed by the wealth of design inspiration.

Copenhagen-2Clockwise from top left: Nyhavn, Assistens Cemetery, Rosenborg Slot, the view across The Lakes

The hubbie and I enjoyed some yum smorrebrod (Danish open sandwich) in the Royal Smushi Cafe (thanks to Igor of Happy Interior Blog for the tip-off on instagram) on Wednesday afternoon and on Friday morning we walked for miles around Jaegersborggade, a bohemian street in the Norrebro district and another tip-off from Geraldine of Little Big Bell. The coffee at Coffee Collective was just as deliciously smooth as she suggested.

Copenhagen-1Clockwise from top left: artwork on a toilet wall in Cafe Norden, the seating in our room at the Imperial Hotel, the Royal Smushi Cafe, inside the cafe

On Thursday I was left to my own devices as the hubbie had meetings to go to (he works for a Danish company, this is how we came to be in Copenhagen). So, I walked for many more miles looking at swoonsome stationery and homewares in the city’s finest independent shops and department stores, Hay and Illum were enormously inspirational, snapping lots of pics on my trusty iPhone, and soaking up the friendly atmosphere. By the end of the day I was filled with a strong urge to hop on a bicycle and ride through the streets with fresh flowers in the basket!

Copenhagen-3Clockwise from top left: the Hotel Chocolat building, the rare sight of a lone bicycle, a painted elephant outside Copenhagen Crown hotel, Hans Christian Andersen’s tombstone

On Friday, after a walk around Jaegersborggade, we wandered back through the Assisstens Cemetary. While I’m not really one for walking through graveyards this is more of a beautiful park with tombstones, including Hans Christian Andersen and Niels Bohr. We then walked into the Rosenborg Palace Garden. This large park is very pretty with a rose garden in front of the Rosenborg Slot where the Queen keeps her jewels – the equivalent of our Tower of London. The park reminded me of some of the London parks with a mixture of shoppers cutting through, tourists ambling around and workers taking a quick break.

Copenhagen-4Clockwise from top left: a cute dog, the stationery room at Hay, a super smooth coffee from Coffee Collective, a bicycle park

From the park we moved on to Nyhavn, the picturesque harbour with the multi-coloured buildings often seen on postcards for a spot of lunch and more people-watching. And after picking up a little souvenir (I couldn’t resist this tea towel by Ferm Living) it was time to catch our plane home!

Copenhagen is a brilliant city to visit, it’s not cheap when you’re there, but it has such a lovely atmosphere, the people are friendly and speak amazingly good English, and the design inspiration can’t be beaten! If you get the chance to visit I highly recommend it.

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