International Day of Happiness 2014

Day-of-happiness-2014-postcardHappy International Day of Happiness to you! Today is a day devoted to happiness, as decreed by the United Nations which makes it official. I’m all for spreading happiness so this kind of idea is right up my street. Last year I designed a set of  postcards and a poster for you to download, print out and share as you fancy. I took it upon myself to write cheery messages on the reverse of the postcards and hide them around my town for unsuspecting passers by to find. I didn’t realise I would enjoy it so much but I giggled my way around town having  a jolly old time!

Day-of-happiness-2014-postcardsThis year I asked on social media what I should do and the message came back to do the same! I guess if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. So, I have updated the free postcards and poster with a brighter colour palette and they are below for you to download and share willy nilly in the pursuit of happiness-spreading. And yes, this afternoon I will be sneaking these postcards into all manner of hiding places in my local vicinity, just waiting to be discovered and bring a smile to a stranger’s face.

Day-of-Happiness-2014-printablesClick here to download the Happy Day printables*

I would LOVE for you to join in this with me, however you choose to use the printables to spread some joy. Do link me up with your instagram pic, tweet, Facebook post or blog post so I can see what these little happy postcards got up to. I’m but slightly confusing I’m missing the last ‘s’ on twitter and instagram so I’m @thegreengable there.

There are other ways you can join in with the International Day of Happiness including Action for Happiness & Spook Studio‘s suggestion of posting a pic of what makes you happy with the hashtag #happinessday. Or you can join in this 7 Day Happiness Challenge. Here are links to more people working to make the world a happier place, do check them out:
The Happiness Project
Delivering Happiness
The Happy Startup School
Positively Positive

Ooh, one more thing, if you haven’t seen any of the 24hour-long video for Pharrell Williams’ Happy I heartily recommend you do, it WILL make you feel happy!

*As with all my free printables they are for personal use only, not commercial use, please feel free to share this blog post with others and I’d love for you to use recycled paper or card stock when you print, thank you!

Stay in the know and get a free set of printable stationery

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One thought on “International Day of Happiness 2014

  1. Susanna Halonen

    What a lovely post Gabrielle :)
    And loving these post cards – will definitely print them on some recycled paper later & share them with people!
    I’m so on board with Pharrell’s website too – it really gets me happy dancing & I’m tempted to submit a video myself ;)
    Last but not least, thanks for linking back to Happyologist :)

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