Do you wonder what life will be like in a year’s time?

Yesterday the hubbie and I celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary. While we walked the dog in the morning we pondered how much our lives have changed in those nine years, in ways we could never have imagined. When we married we both worked in print publishing and loved living in a flat in London. There’s no way we could have imagined in nine years’ time living in a house in rural Surrey with a dog we completely adore, that I would have been running my own business for three years and the hubbie developing his own business too!

9th-anniversary(the little shadow on the right is our photo-bombing pooch)

So, yesterday evening, while we celebrated over a glass of fizz, we pondered what our lives will be like in another year’s time. Will we still live in the same house, what shape will our businesses be in, where will we have travelled, what experiences might we have had? As we wondered we jotted them down in a list so that we can squirrel it away and in a year’s time, on your tenth anniversary, we’ll dig out the list and see what we predicted correctly! And what other developments, twists and turns our lives took that we didn’t foreseeā€¦ We’re not going to look at the list again (after all, it’s not a list of goals or targets to specifically work towards) and it’s been tucked away in a cupboard for safe-keeping until 16 July 2015.

Life-in-a-year's-time-printable2And because I know you love a list as much as I do, I’ve whipped up a printable ‘what life will be like in one year’s time’ sheet for you to download, print and fill in yourself! You don’t need to wait for a significant date like a birthday or anniversary, just make sure you set a reminder for the same date in a year’s time to pull out the list from its hiding place and see how your life compares.

Life-in-a-year's-time-printableLife in a year’s time printable

The printable sheet is A4 in size, just click on this link to download and print. I’d love for you to share this but do please link back to this post, not just the printable, and remember the sheet is for personal not commercial use.

Enjoy filling in your list and I’d love to know how closely you predicted your life in a year’s time!

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One thought on “Do you wonder what life will be like in a year’s time?

  1. Kelly PaperObsessed

    Such a lovely printable! Thank you so much for sharing and a belated happy anniversary. I am hoping our lives will be very different in a years time as we are in the process of buying a house. I feel that will be the catalyst for lots of other changes so I am very excited!

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