International Day of Happiness 2015

Today, Friday 20 March, is indeed the International Day of Happiness, as declared by the United Nations no less. I’ve celebrated this day in 2013 and 2014 by giving you free printables to share around and this year is no exception. For your happy-spreading delight I have created a set of eight mini cards – a cheery message on one side and the reverse is blank – for you to download, print as many copies as you like, and share around.


The cards can be used as they are, perhaps write a message on the back and leave them around your local town to be found by innocent passers-by. Or hole punch one corner, thread on some string and use them as tags. You could tie the cards to flowers and leave on doorsteps or hand out to anyone you meet. Or tie them to a door knob or a bicycle handle. The possibilities are endless!


I am spending much of this International Day of Happiness travelling so I shall be leaving these little cards in all manner of places – on trains, in shops or cafes – wherever the fancy takes me.

Click here to download your International Day of Happiness 2015 printable mini cards*

Whatever you get up to to celebrate this day and spread some joy I’d love to know! You can leave a comment below or link me up on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

If you’d like more ideas for getting involved and sharing happiness, check out what Action for Happiness and Live Happy are up to.

*As with all my free printables they are for personal use only, not commercial use, please feel free to share this blog post with others and I’d love for you to use recycled paper or card stock when you print, thank you!

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