July’s Happy Paper Club box revealed

July’s Happy Paper Club box has landed on members’ doorsteps so let’s take a look at what’s inside:


There’s a light-hearted, summery feel to this month’s exclusive item – a sheet of fun, temporary tattoos to help remind you to savour happiness and enjoy each moment. One of my favourites is the ‘believe’ tattoo, I like it on the inside of my wrist so I can see it easily and remember to believe in myself, believe in the goodness in the world, believe that the sun will come out again, even if it’s chucking it down at the moment!


Also in July’s Happy Paper Club box:

:: a shopping list note pad
:: two greeting cards
:: a sheet of gift wrap with a tag
:: an inspirational mini print
:: a letter from me with some ideas and suggestions for finding joy in the everyday
:: all subscribers receive a membership card with exclusive discount at thegreengables.co.uk in their first box


(The tattoo sheet isn’t backwards by mistake, it’s printed like that so the words appear on your skin the right way round!)

From the start of Happy Paper Club I’ve collaborated with independent, British businesses that I admire, to bring you a special offer in each box. You can find out more here about Clara & Macy, Ellie Ellie, What Katie did next and Post Tea, who worked with me on previous boxes to introduce themselves and give Happy Paper Clubbers an extra treat.

For July’s box I worked with Peach Blossom, a supplier of gorgeous party decorations and accessories. Their special offer was claim a free pack of paper straws from their website, how perfect for summer picnics and barbecues!

Peach Blossom striped straws

For August’s box I’m collaborating with another brilliant British business to bring Happy Paper Clubbers a wonderful treat, you’ll have to bag a box to find out more!

Don’t forget, you could win back the cost of your July box if you post a review or pics of your box contents, or what you do with them, on Twitter or Instagram with #happypaperclub before 10 August. You can find me at @thegreengable on Twitter and Instagram.

August’s Happy Paper Club box is available to order or subscribe to on Saturday 1 August, from just £10 incl UK delivery per month. Sign up to the newsletter below to be the first to find out when the box is available. Once they’re gone, that’s it for another month so don’t delay if you want to be a part of Happy Paper Club!

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Sharing Happy Paper Club collaborators

Sharing is a big element of Happy Paper Club. Within each month’s box I share pieces of stationery from the green gables’ range, an inspiring quotation and ideas on how to find joy in the everyday. I hope that as well as enjoying the box contents themselves Club members are also sharing pieces with others, perhaps sending them as Happy Post Days!

Collaboration is part of this sharing. Each month I introduce an independent, British business, that I think are brilliant, to Happy Paper Clubbers along with an extra treat. Take a look at who I’ve worked with so far and what special offer they contributed to Happy Paper Club boxes:

Clara & Macy kicked off the first box with their super cute dress-up Clara paper doll. I think some grown-ups may have had a little play as well as their children…

Clara & Macy paper doll

April’s box included a fabulous treat from Ellie Ellie – a free pair of earrings offer! Judging by #happypaperclub on twitter and instagram this was a big hit with members.


What Katie Did Next created this completely perfect Badge of Happiness especially for Happy Paper Club with one included in every May box. Rumour has it she may be offering this cheery badge on her website soon…

Badge of Happiness by What Katie did next copyright

Tea fans were treated to a free sample of loose tea from Post Tea. June Happy Paper Clubbers could choose whichever flavour they liked when they claimed their free sample on the website.

Post Tea tea sample

July’s Happy Paper Club box has an equally lovely treat from Peach Blossom, check out the reveal post to find out more.

And I’ve collaborated with another brilliant British business to bring you a special treat in August’s Happy Paper Club box. You can order a taster box or subscribe from £10 a month, including UK delivery, from Saturday 1 August so don’t miss out!

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#SavouringHappiness no11

Weeks go by jolly fast, don’t they? But at least that means it’s time for #savouringhappiness, yay! To join in post a pic on Instagram of something that made you feel cheery this week, with #savouringhappiness and tag @hollyphotobooth and @thegreengable too.

Here are a few pics from last week…

Savouring-happiness-pics-31Jul15@chloeadlington  @mossyjojo  @siobhanwatts
@livinglongingly  @lovelylollyb
@foxandlilly  @lauradearprudence  @ingridesign

We’d love you take a moment to notice the good things in your life and if you’d like to share them with #savouringhappiness we can enjoy them too!

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Don’t feel bad for having a good life


I was talking to a friend the other day and she mentioned that one of her work colleagues is having a really tough time at the moment. My friend was doing everything she could think of to help them but she felt guilty because her own life is happy, mostly trouble-free. She felt bad for having a good life, having fun even, when people so near to her are experiencing great personal trauma.

Her feelings are understandable and, I think, quite common. When you know someone’s having to really battle in their life while you have nothing of real substance to worry about, it’s easy to feel awkward, embarrassed even for having a nice life.

Obviously you don’t regale tales of the fun places you’ve been and the wonderful times you’ve had to your very stressed out friend, but you wouldn’t do that anyway. You ask them how they are (not if they’re okay because you already know they’re not), suggest any practical ways you might be able to help (collect their kids from school, drop round some ready made dinners), let them know that you care and they have your support.

But then not enjoying your own life, ignoring happiness in your own experiences isn’t going to help them one little bit. If you cancel dinner out with your partner at a special restaurant your friend’s load isn’t going to be made any lighter. If you feel guilty for enjoying a sunny day at the beach your friend’s situation isn’t going to be altered in any way. All you’ve done is zap the joy out of your own life, and possibly those immediately around you, to no-one’s benefit.


Instead, savour the good things in your life. Be thankful, be aware, notice and cherish the delicious meal you’re sharing with your beloved in the charming restaurant. Feel the sand between your toes, kick about in the waves feeling the water splash against your skin and the warmth of the sun on your face, and rejoice in your day at the beach.

These happy moments are the stuff of life. They give us joy, they give us strength and being mindful of them is good for our souls as well as our happiness levels.

And if your own life should take a sharp turn one day (everyone’s lives are filled with twists and turns after all) you’ll have many happy memories from better times to draw solace and joy from.

So use the energy and strength you gain from your life to be supportive to friends whose lives are turned upside down. And don’t feel guilty as that’s helping no-one.

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#SavouringHappiness #10

How is your week going? Hopefully there have been some cheery moments for you to stop and notice. Thank you to everyone who’s joined in with #savouringhappiness so far, and if you’d like to join in it’s super easy! Simply post a pic on Instagram of something that made you feel happy this week, with #savouringhappiness and tag @hollyphotobooth and @thegreengable too.

Here are a few of the pics posted last week…

Savouring-happiness-pics-24Jul15@jannelford  @georgialydia  @alyssaaldersley
@flaviamorlachettiphotography  @le.paquet.blog
@lillalinaea  @xxbirdhouse  @gillian_morton

Looking forward to seeing how you’re #savouringhappiness this week!

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