Introducing the new home of happiness!

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I am so excited to finally be able to reveal the new home for my happiness courses and all things positive –

I’ve created my new website to give you inspiration, ideas and actions to live happy your way. As well as my expanding range of online courses the new site is home to lots of information to help you tap into the well of joy within you and bring it out for the benefit of everyone, not least YOU. Come join me at and see for yourself.


I’ve moved my growing range of online courses, created to empower you to live the happy life of your own design, to Here you can sign up to take my free, seven-day taster course and check out new courses coming up.

Nook of Inspiration

The Nook of Inspiration is where you can curl up in a cosy chair with a cup of something soothing and have a virtual browse of my studio shelves. Within the Nook you’ll find desktop wallpapers, recommended books and talks, printables, meditations and more, all designed to inspire you to live the joyful life you want and deserve.

You can access the wealth of resources in the Nook of Inspiration by simply signing up here to receive an email from me a couple of times a month.

Misty morning

The topics I’ve been writing about here on the green gables’ blog – happiness, gratitude, mindfulness, positivity, personal development, wellbeing – will now be the focus of the blog at I’ve brought many of the posts over to the new site as well as writing new posts, of course. Discover why you shouldn’t pursue happiness here and find out what to do when life gets on top of you here

You can also follow what I’m up to on my new Instagram account @GabrielleTreanor. This is where I’ll post the round-up of #SavouringHappiness each week and I have a fun Instagram photo challenge coming up in May! You can also find me on Facebook and Pinterest.
While you can find my happiness e-courses over at, the green gables is still home to all the green and gorgeous stationery and gifts you love, and Happy Paper Club!

To bring more joy into your everyday and live the happy life you want and deserve, join me at and sign up for access to the Nook of Inspiration. I can’t wait to show you around!

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3 thoughts on “Introducing the new home of happiness!

  1. Radio ASAP

    Nice one with the new website, love what you’ve been doing with the site here too. I love your positive focus and the happiness e course sounds good. I’m just looking for other people interested in green living, not really sure if that’s you too, but if so, check out our site as posted in the comment URL.

    Thanks for your time! :)

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