About me

I’m Gabrielle and I illustrate, design and create gorgeous and green gifts and stationery that help you get organised, connect with others in a real and tangible way, and spread a little joy in the world. Most days you’ll find me in my garden studio in rural Surrey where I live with my husband and little dog.

On this blog I share glimpses into my life with my husband and dog in the English countryside as well as my love of stationery, colour, positivity and a peek into my life running the green gables.

A little bit about the green gables
the green gables helps you to spend time with your loved ones, to share joy in the world, to dream and plan, to connect with your friends and family in a meaningful, heartfelt way. Do something unexpectedly lovely for a friend, send a note by snail mail or cross off your to do list with pen on paper, it’ll feel good, I promise! The joy your loved one will feel from opening a hand scribbled note sent by you is immeasurable, it means so much more than a hastily written email.

the green gables products are printed on recycled paper in the UK and packaged in recyclable or compostable packaging. The majority of the suppliers I work with are independent British businesses.

Giving back
Being a positive force in the world and contributing to society is important to me and I want my business to give back where possible. the green gables supports six charities by donating 10% of annual profits. So, you can rest assured that while you’re enjoying your carefully chosen items there are others benefiting from your purchase too.

The charities the green gables donates to are Woodland Trust, The Brain Tumour Charity, NSPCC, age UK, WaterAid and Fresh Start Foundation.

In addition, I have created special products, including The GOOD Stationery Set, to support Fresh Start Foundation‘s work to help children in The Gambia get the education they need to build a better future for themselves. The Gambia is a very poor African country and paper is an expensive and scarce resource so, with the donation from the sale of these products, you are giving school children the tools they need to learn.

I feel a connection with each of my chosen charities, in different ways, and if you’d like to find out more about their work do please click on the names to link through to their websites.

I hope you enjoy my blog, drop me a note at gabrielle@thegreengables.co.uk whenever you like, I’d love to hear from you!

Where else you can find me…
the green gables shop


One thought on “About me

  1. Patrycja Zubrzycka

    Dear Gabrielle,

    I’ve just read about your career change at the telegraph website.
    Thank you for sharing your experience, as it’s been really cheerful to read.
    I love photography and design and unfortunately I’m not doing it as my everyday job yet.
    By describing how you decided to change your job and that the whole process took a bit of time, you make me feel that with a patience, hard work and preparation there’s nothing to be scared about while changing your career path.
    Thank you!


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