Snail Mail – a review and giveaway

Stationery lovers and letter writers, do I have a treat for you?! Absolutely I do! Let me present to you a book that focuses entirely and wholeheartedly on the happy subject of snail mail.


When the publishers asked me (by email, would have been even better if they sent me a letter) if I’d like to review a copy of Snail Mail by Michelle Mackintosh and start off the Blog Tour celebrating the publication of Snail Mail, I jumped at the chance.

It’s no secret that I think all our lives are cheered with a piece of real post, actual hand written mail, popping through the letterbox of a morning. If you would like to leave email alone on occasion, and pen a note, card or letter to someone instead, this is the book for you.


It is packed with ideas for why to write a letter, prompts for what to write, ways to embellish envelopes, projects to try, ideas for making up care packages and creating postable art, and what to do with the gorgeous post that you create and receive. I particularly like how Michelle suggests what to write in difficult letters, to give you the confidence to get in touch with a friend in need, rather than shy away from it. There are even make your own envelope templates and sheets of stickers at the back of the book.


As well as being packed with information, ideas and tips, Snail Mail is a visual feast for the eyes, as you can see by the shots I’m showing here. If a flick through the pages doesn’t make you want to raid your stationery stash I don’t know what will!


The message that comes through loud and clear to me from Michelle Mackintosh’s book, is not the importance of a pretty envelope or the length of your letter, it’s to just put pen to paper and get in touch by post. A letter written from you to another has great value and meaning to that person. It doesn’t matter how fancy your penmanship is, what matters is that you took the time to write a message on paper, address it, fix on a stamp and post it in a letterbox. The recipient of your post, whether it’s a short note on a postcard or a lengthy letter, appreciates the effort you went to, and will be thrilled to see a piece of proper snail mail among the usual bills and junk mail.


Because I know you’re going to be super keen to get your hands on Snail Mail I have one copy to give away to you! For your chance to win simply comment below telling me your favourite way to send mail – by postcard, letter paper, a greeting card – whatever you use! When my eldest brother was travelling around Australia many years ago he made postcards out of beer mats and posted them to me, I received them all!


The giveaway ends midnight GMT Friday 22 May so be sure to leave your comment before then! I’m sorry the competition is only open to UK readers.

Tomorrow the Snail Mail blog tour goes to Wild Olive

Snail Mail was sent to me by the publishers for review, and they have donated a copy for the giveaway, but all opinions are my own. All photographs featured in this post are my own.
Snail Mail by Michelle Mackintosh (Hardie Grant, £14.99) Photography: Chris Middleton 
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23 thoughts on “Snail Mail – a review and giveaway

  1. Keri Jones

    I like using postcards. Pretty picture ones, photograph ones, ones my son & I have decorated. That way the recipient can use them as decoration if they wish :) x
    Your styling here is fab btw :) xx

  2. Laura

    I love sending postcards – they’re such a quick and easy way of sending a bit of postal happiness to someone :)

  3. claire

    I use lots of different methods, for USA and Australia I mostly send a postcard because air mail is so expensive and I send quite a lot, for the UK I send letters. I write letters to many people including my gran and other older people I know because I think it brightens up their day :) I’ve just sent a care package to my friend who has been very stressed out, it included essential oils, chocolate and tea bags! x

  4. Sian Morse

    I love turning no traditional items into cards and postcards such as cut up cardboard boxes or old & discarded photos. It’s what you say that is important but making someone smile or look twice at something adds to the joy of receiving it!

  5. The Reading Residence

    I like a letter myself. I have quite a large number of writing sets that I continue to accumulate, and I love selecting which writing paper to use with each letter I send. I’ve also recently had a go at making a pocket letter which was fun. Lovely give-away, looks like a gorgeous book that I feel I ‘need’! x

  6. Lucy Fisk

    I love sending letters on beautiful textured paper. I always remember watching Grease when I was a teenager and watching Marty writing her letters to pen pals on tissue paper and spraying them with her perfume. I loved the idea of soft, light paper and proper ink so much so that I use this for my letters even now and I’m in my thirties!

  7. Steph

    I love posting letters- usually with a little surprise! I get the Paperhaul box every month and even my little boy has got in on the act; he’s sent a couple of postcards to my family up north!

  8. Kara

    Wow what a beautiful prize.
    I love sending snail mail. In so many ways. I love to type letters on my typewriter and sending cards with messages on the front is my other favourite x

  9. Kirstie

    I love sending postcards for no reason. Just a hello how are you? Just an unthinking of you! Just a hope you’re ok kind of postcard. Snail mail is a dying form of communication. We all love to receive a bit of post.

    This book would look great on my shelf :)

  10. Chiara

    When I was a teenager I had 70 penfriends all over the world, I loved writing on pretty Japanese paper much in the style that I draw myself now I suppose that’s what inspired me. I still have all my letters and I wish I still had the time no to have a penfriend.

  11. Jane R

    I now tend mostly to send notecards, but I’ve been pulling together all those postcards I bought on holidays but never sent! I’m thinking about sending them instead – I’m sure it will cause much confusion, but hopefully much amusement too! I actually wrote my parents a couple of long letters when on honeymoon in the Far East. The sights and culture were so amazing I felt the need to share it. This book sounds perfect – I always used to write letters but no longer do very much as I struggle to start…….

  12. Sarah Phillips

    I’m another postcard lover – although I send greetings cards in envelopes more often these days. Thanks so much for reminding me about how much I LOVE postcards…. think I’d better go do something about that! :) xx

  13. Kparsnip

    I love to send old photographs as postcards and cards. Beautiful stationery makes a letter but a card chosen with thought and care is always appreciated. Especially one that makes you laugh out loud!

  14. Joanna Laverack

    What a fabulous idea, you have inspired me to start writing letters to my Gran, she is getting old and frail and rarely leaves the house and all I want to do is make her smile again. Now I know what to do. I usually only send her postcards when we are on holiday and cannot visit but now I know she can be an active part of my life I just have to make the effort.

  15. bethan

    I absolutely love when i spot a book a friend will enjoy so i wrap it up, pop in a little note card to say hi and why i thought of them when i saw it, and post it out to them. even if it would have been 10x easier to drive over and hand it to her, i just know how excited she will be to get a little present and letter! :D i am one of the few people in our friendship group to still send snail mail but the others are coming back to it as well now since they have realised the happiness and joy they themselves get from receiving mail :D x

  16. Teely Webb

    Whatever I post – card, letter, photo, book, gift or notelet – I always love to make a big fuss of handwriting and decorating the envelope so the person receiving it knows it is not another boring bill but a fabby, handwritten letter of thought and love created especially for the receiver!! Phew – long sentence, but worth it as there is nothing like getting something in the post, just for YOU, that will brighten your day!! :0)

  17. Life's a sneeze

    tell me little card where have you been?
    ” i’ve been round the world and the sights i’ve seen
    oceans and sailboats, airplanes & cars, voices and smells, vans & cars
    postmen & women, stamps & machines,
    it’s a wonderful journey
    to finally arrive, and land on your doormat and see you smile!”
    how lovely little card to know you are there waiting to travel
    with words that care. Melita x

  18. Lou

    I have terrible handwriting so I try and put the effort into creative and pretty decoration. I love choosing pretty postcards and cards. Whatever I choose, I send them in one of my handmade envelopes, made from old knitting, craft and travel magazines (see for how to make them).
    I have recently discovered washi tape. That was a bad idea. It’s a fab way to seal the envelopes and add a final personal touch.
    Unfortunately so much of my correspondence is by email these days. I’d love the opportunity to send a ‘real’ note more often.

  19. Linda

    I love sending postcards with cryptic messages, sometimes just a single word. Growing up there was a show on TV (in The Netherlands) named ‘Briefgeheim’ which translates as ‘secret letter’. It was all about a mysterious letter and that show started my postcard/letter/stationary addiction!

  20. Amanda

    Oh I love a classic fold up airmail letter, they are so nostalgic for me, bringing back memories of writing back and forth to my Gran in South Africa x

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