Write your own affirmation, intention and mantra cards to begin your day with the positive focus you want.

These cards are left blank so that you can personalise them to your needs and write the affirmation, intention or mantra that will be of most support and benefit to you.

An intention starts your day on a positive note, an affirmation gives your day focus and a mantra is a gentle reminder of how you want to feel or act in your day. By focusing your attention on positive words and messages, you’re creating a more mindful, intentional and happier day for yourself.

There are 14 write your own affirmation cards, 14 write your own intention cards and 14 write your own mantra cards which you can buy as individual sets. Or purchase a complete set of 42 write your own affirmation, intention and mantra cards.

The cards are printed with a marble design in seven different colours within each set.

The cards are printed on FSC sustainably sourced paper in the UK.

Each card measures 7.5 x 10.5cm.