Essential weekly notepad for anyone looking to keep an eye on their spends!

There has never been a better time than right now to make small changes to save money. Not an onerous budget planner but looking at it more positively; pick a day of the week where you don't spend anything, keep track of all those items you are tempted to buy and stop impulse spends; jot it down and return to the list a week later to see if it's still important to you.

There is a section for you to include any preloved items you have and are selling, a dinner plan so you are tempted by takeaways and lots more!

This is intended to be completed on a weekly basis so with 52 pages there is enough to keep you saving for a whole year. 

The money saving note pad is A5 in size and the design is printed on all 52 pages in the note pad. The pages are printed on 100% recycled 90gsm paper with a recycled back board in the UK.

The pad measures approx 21cm wide x 15cm high.